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Egyptians for Housing Development & Reconstruction (EHDR)
Egyptians for Housing Development & Construction is one of the sister companies of the Egyptians Abroad for Investment and Development, with a contribution in the capital is currently 19.8%, representing the arm of the Egyptians Abroad company in the field of real estate investment through the establishment of several various real estate projects :residential, commercial, administrative.
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The Arab World Company for the real estate development :
The Egyptians Abroad for Investment and Development acquired a share of 49.99% stake in the Arab world for real estate development, which was acquired jointly with the Egyptians for Housing and Development in 2009, the Arab world for real estate development owns special land locations located on the Nile Corniche in Maadi next to Sadat Academy with a total area of 6345 m2. And the company will build a tower of multi-purpose real estate (residential-office-shopping), with a hight 24 floor.
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Egyptians Abroad for managing and compositing of the portfolios company (EAPM) :
Egyptians Abroad for managing and compositing of the portfolios company, is considered to be the vehicle by which the Egyptian's Abroad company and its sister companies is managing portfolios of securities owned by the companies, in addition to managing personnel and other institutions portfolios.
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The company Asik for the protection of the environment (Asnbro) :
ASEC for Environmental Protection company - (ASENPRO) is one of the leading and first companies in the field of environmental protection, where it was established in 1995, the company specializes in manufacturing and assembling of equipment and devices necessary for environmental protection and pollution prevention and operation of these devices and the maintenance of it especially those relating to the cement factories, as well as the working as a contractor that deliver a finished service for protection
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