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Company History
The company has provided over its past economic life years, since its inception and until now a wide integrated range of investment activities that support the purposes of the company, relying on a wide range of public figures and businessmen, banks and professional experts.

The company has promoted several successful projects in the areas of various investment fields whether in industry or in the field of financial services, securities, or in the areas of real estate, trade, tourism and other activities, and also contributed into establishment of several companies, and participated in capital increase of existing companies and preparing feasibility studies and evaluation projects, and most important companies founded by the company or co-founded or promoted by Egyptian abroad is :
    1st: companies in the engineering industries sector:
  LG - Egypt Electronics (Goldstar - Egypt formerly ).
  Misr Company for manufacturing pistons.
  Egypt Brake Company for manufacturing brake Teal.
  ASEC Environmental Protection - ASENPRO.
      2nd: companies in the housing and construction sector
Egyptians Housing Development & Construction.
      3rd: companies in the retail sector:
Egyptian company for trade and services.
      4th: companies in financial services and securities:
Egyptians company to build and manage portfolios.
Egyptian Company  Securities.
Misr Exchange.
      5th: firms in the textile and its complementary industries:
The International Company for Textiles.
The Egyptian Company for manufacturing clothing accessories.
      6th: Companies in pharmaceutical and chemical industries:
Hebei for the production of pharmaceutical requirements company .
Hebei Ursa for the production of  Medical Supplies company .
      7th: Companies in the food and beverages industry:
Al Ismailia Misr Poultry.



Egyptians abroad contributed to the establishment of several companies in various fields, including the tourism sector, brokerage services in financial securities market, in addition to the company's participation with some banks and financial and investment institutions and some Egyptian businessmen abroad to study or assessment re-evaluate and re-structure of many companies that work in all sectors of investment.
21 El Giza Nile Tower - Floor (24)
(+202) 35 35 624
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