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ASEC for Environmental Protection company - (ASENPRO) :

  ASEC for Environmental Protection company - (ASENPRO) is one of the leading and first companies in the field of environmental protection, where it was established in 1995, the company specializes in manufacturing and assembling of equipment and devices necessary for environmental protection and pollution prevention and operation of these devices and the maintenance of it especially those relating to the cement factories, as well as the working as a contractor that deliver a finished service for protection of the environment, in which the company's only role is supplying and installing equipment and devices , and then assigning the works of the civil contracting to others, in addition to conducting studies on the protection of the environment and to provide consultancy and technical designs for cooling, and the work of the agency and commercial representation of companies and factories of foreign and domestic, as well as importing and exporting within the limits of the purpose of the company.

Egyptians abroad has a stake of 15% of the issued and paid capital of the company, which is currently amounting to 20 million pounds and distributed to 2 million shares with a par value per share of 10 pounds.
21 El Giza Nile Tower - Floor (24)
(+202) 35 35 624
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